2018 Bower & Branch Mug Collection

We are proud to introduce our 2018 mug collection! There will be five designs total, and each one will feature a tree that beautifully represents each of our five seasons. Check out our picks for this year and be sure to collect them all! You can win a mug from our 2018 mug collection by participating in a drawing (consult our lookbook for more information) or you can wait for them to become available for purchase on our website. Please keep in mind that there will be a very limited amount of each mug available. They are truly unique limited edition items!

Season 1 – Jan 1 to March 31


(Magnolia grandiflora)

This majestic magnolia is known for its great size and contrasting brown leaves. As the name would suggest, it is native to the South, and it flourishes in moist soil with full sun to part shade. While typically found in zones 7 to 9, the Brown Beauty variation is also fairly hardy and is able to withstand the colder climates of zones 5 and 6.

In late spring, Bracken’s Brown Beauty comes to life with fragrant white flowers that make this Tree a wonderfully uplifting addition to any space. These flowers will linger into the summer months before eventually turning into cone-shaped fruiting clusters that will release red seeds. When mature, this magnolia can be up to 50 feet high and 30 feet wide.

Season 2 – MARCH 1 to JUNE 1

Cherokee Princess flowering dogwood

(Cornus florida)

The Cherokee Princess flowering dogwood is a sight to behold all year long. In fact, it’s probably one of the most distinctive flowering dogwood variations, and it will make a striking addition to any landscape. It flourishes in rich, moist soil and full sun, although it is easy to grow in partial shade with medium moisture as well.

This dogwood tends to start flowering in April, and its large white blooms beautifully complement its glossy green foliage. As the summer months progress, this foliage will grow darker and darker until it’s a rich crimson with purple hues. Along with this stunning display, the Cherokee Princess has bright red berries that will keep the songbirds coming to your outdoor space all year long!

Season 3 – May 25 to august 15

Crimson queen japanese maple

(Acer palmatum var. dissectum)

If you’re familiar with our Grower Select program, you’ve likely heard all about the Crimson Queen Japanese Maple. Bold and beautiful, this living sculpture lends artful appeal to any outdoor space with its rich burgundy foliage. And when all of that colorful foliage drops off in the winter, you’ll still enjoy the Tree’s intricate branch structure.

Although the Crimson Queen Japanese Maple stands out on its own, it also adds a picturesque quality when grouped with companion Trees, such as the Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree. Why not build onto that theme by adding in Japanese Forest Grass, too? The possibilities are endless with this stunning Tree!

Season 4 – August 16 to october 15

autumn gold ginkgo tree

(Acer palmatum var. dissectum)

With its vibrant gold foliage that almost seems to glow as the seasons change, the Autumn Gold Ginkgo Tree perfectly embodies the fall spirit. For this reason, we believe no Tree was better suited for our Season 4 mug.

This Ginkgo Tree has large fan-shaped leaves, and it is the only tree in the U.S. with lobed leaves. This makes it unique enough—but you’ll be treated to a true spectacle when those quirky leaves all drop at once, showering your yard in vivid tones of yellow.

Unbeknownst to some, the Ginkgo Tree is actually one of the oldest Trees known to man. It lives for hundreds of years—even thousands—so you can expect to enjoy your Autumn Gold Ginkgo Tree for a very long time.

Season 5 – October 1 to December 31

norway spruce

(Picea abies)

Majestic and mighty, the proud Norway Spruce is a symbol of strength. This glorious conifer is right at home in serene winterscapes, providing a safe haven for birds and squirrels while adding some much-needed color to its surroundings. The Norway Spruce can also turn your outdoor space into a similar haven by blocking noise and glare when planted along your property lines.

In addition to being an excellent privacy tree, the Norway Spruce is incredibly easy to care for. It is drought-resistant, quite resistant to cold, and requires little to no pruning, making it an ideal choice for homeowners looking for a no-fuss tree.