How to Protect your Trees from Deer and other Pests

How to Protect your Trees from Deer and other Pests
Snow brings new winter threats to Trees! With heavy snowfall, come rabbits and deer… very hungry, rabbits and deer! How should you protect your Trees?


Our Bower & Branch Growers have learned that after extended periods of snow or heavy snow cover, deer and rabbits can get very hungry and will focus in on your landscape plantings and Trees. When this happens, our growers are on our nurseries re-applying, or applying for the first time, a seasonal and fantastic Animal Repellent that provides protection from our hungry friends.

Plantskydd®Swedish for ‘Plant Protector,’ is an organic and safe product. Bower & Branch Growers trust and rely on this product all year to control the browsing on the nursery from the increasing deer populationOur Growers are also very concerned with rabbit chewing off bark – one small bunny can girdle the bark of young trees in a short time, this can result in the death of your newly planted trees.
Bower & Branch treated this Emerald Green Arborvitae on the right with Planskydd and did not treat the one on the left. 
The time is right now to apply Plantskydd® Repellent on your newly planted Trees and on the other beautiful plants in your landscape. Action is required. Trust our Growers, after a lifetime of battling deer and rabbits, Plantskydd® is the only product Bower & Branch Growers trust and recommend for protection. 
You can learn more about Plantskydd® by visiting their website or by visiting a Certified Bower & Branch Garden Center near you.  
Thanks for planting!