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Blue Hill Wood Sage Leaf

Blue Hill Wood Sage

Soothing, serene, beautiful blue. What garden isn’t enhanced by this captivating color? Blue Hill Salvia delivers months of enchanting blue blossoms to your beds and borders. The blooms are arranged on short spikes; they make a pleasing combination with other long-blooming summer Spirits with contrasting flower arrangements, such as ...
Caradonna Meadow Sage Tree

Caradonna Meadow Sage

Exquisite! Caradonna Salvia carries itself with style and grace. Bringing an important vertical element to the landscape, it offers svelte upright flower spikes lined with deep indigo-blue blossoms. Purple-black stems add definition to the plant in and out of bloom. But when is it not in bloom? Caradonna flowers for ...
May Night Wood Sage Leaf

May Night Wood Sage

So easy, yet so satisfying! May Night Salvia is a cinch to grow, and it will reward a modicum of care with months of beautiful blue blooms. This largely self-sufficient Spirit gets by happily on little supplemental water once it’s established. Spikes of intense cobalt-blue flowers begin in May (...

Snow Hill Wood Sage

Icy white flower spikes lend brightness to the border and go with everything! Snow Hill Salvia is a cheerful, easy mixer. It makes a satisfying companion to pastels and a dramatic partner to dark blossoms and foliage. This is also a wonderful Spirit to include in a “moon garden”—a ...
Butterfly Garden Collection Tree

Butterfly Garden Collection

Butterfly lovers, rejoice! This garden kit contains six colorful Spirits that will turn any landscape into a haven for butterflies of all kinds. You or a loved one will love watching them flit from flower to flower all spring and summer long! Featured Spirits: Achillea, Agastache, Asclepias, Echinacea, Monarda, Salvia ...
Hummingbird Garden Collection Tree

Hummingbird Garden Collection

If you love hummingbirds (or know someone who loves hummingbirds), this collection is a must-have! It contains six beautiful Spirits that hummingbirds absolutely adore. Featured Spirits: Agastache, Echinacea, Hemerocallis, Liatris, Nepeta, Salvia Assortment of 6, Size AAA Plant where you live! Great for all outdoor living spaces

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