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American Beech Tree

American Beech

Walking through an American Beech tree forest has a soothing effect on frazzled nerves.  Feeling sheltered under its magnificent domed canopy, watching the shadow-play on the smooth gray trunks, and hearing the bustle of squirrels foraging for Beech nuts, you can’t help but feel your worries fade away.  You ...
Dawyck Purple European Beech Tree

Dawyck Purple European Beech

Well, hello handsome. The Dawyck Purple European Beech is a tall, slim, exceedingly good-looking specimen tree with rich royal purple leaves that hold their color all season. This columnar accent tree rises straight and true, and will stand like a sentinel in your landscape. Employ it as a dramatic focal ...
Purple Fountain Beech Tree

Purple Fountain Beech

Purple Fountain Weeping Beech is a bold yet elegant accent tree that lends an air of sophistication to the landscape along with an infusion of rich, regal purple color. Growing more magnificent each year, this living sculpture will become the showpiece of your garden. Purple Fountain Beech naturally maintains a ...
Red Obelisk Beech Tree

Red Obelisk Beech

With its striking upright habit, powerful presence, and deep burgundy foliage, the Red Obelisk European Beech will provide a strong anchor to any of the landscape beds around your home. Its columnar shape makes the perfect contrast to rounded or wide-spreading trees and shrubs, contributing to the diversity of form ...
Rivers European Beech Tree

Rivers European Beech

Rivers European Beech is a stunning purple-leaved legacy tree that will beautify your home landscape for generations to come. In time, this head-turner will become an awe-inspiring shade tree with massive limbs and the smooth, gray bark that Beeches are famous for. Purple Beeches have been cherished for well over 300 ...
Tricolor European Beech Tree

Tricolor European Beech

If you plant a Tri-Color Beech tree in your front yard, expect to hear brakes screeching as passersby do a double-take at this extraordinary specimen tree.  In spring, this Beech’s variegated leaves emerge neon pink, and the foliage display rivals that of any flowering tree in full bloom.  Pull ...

Japanese Beech Fern

And the award for best supporting actor goes to… Japanese Beech Fern! Not all Spirits can be stars. This fern doesn’t have brilliantly colored new growth. It doesn’t have a large, imposing stature or an evergreen presence in most parts of the country. But that’s ok. You ...
Chaparral Weeping Mulberry Tree

Chaparral Weeping Mulberry

If you want a showy specimen tree in a hurry, Chaparral Weeping Mulberry is your guy. This male selection (read: no messy fruits) of the White Mulberry tree is a fast-growing tree with a distinctive weeping habit that will make a fine focal point in any of the landscape beds ...
Chinese Chestnut Tree

Chinese Chestnut

Uncommonly planted, the quirky Chinese Chestnut Tree has much to offer the homeowner looking for something a little out of the ordinary. In summer, this relative of the noble Beech Tree sports bizarre, fluffy, 8-inch-long cream-colored catkins that have a heavy fragrance (some like the scent; some don’t). In ...

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