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Celestial® Rutgers Dogwood Tree

Celestial® Rutgers Dogwood

East meets West in this healthy, robust Rutgers Hybrid Dogwood tree that’s easy for even novice gardeners to grow.  Celestial® Dogwood (a.k.a. ‘Galaxy’) is a small, upright, ornamental tree that will grace your landscape with loads of large snow-white flowers in spring and ruby-red foliage in fall.  ...
Hyperion® Rutgers Dogwood Tree

Hyperion® Rutgers Dogwood

The Hyperion® Hybrid Dogwood is a dynamic new ornamental tree that will delight you with a year-long procession of colorful flowers, fruit, and foliage. In late spring, the white blossoms will smother the branches in a floral avalanche. In late summer, the funny nubbly red fruits will steal the show. ...
Red Pygmy® Rutgers Dogwood Tree

Red Pygmy® Rutgers Dogwood

Red Pygmy® Rutgers Dogwood is an adorable pint-sized version of our beloved American Flowering Dogwood tree that will bring a cheerful pop of color to your foundation beds or to a cozy corner of your outdoor dining, sitting, or entertaining space. Spring brings full-sized pink-red blossoms to this petite beauty’...
Stellar Pink® Rutgers Dogwood Tree

Stellar Pink® Rutgers Dogwood

Stellar Pink® Dogwood is a charming multi-season tree that will dress up your entryway garden, patio area, or any of the beds around your home that could use a little sparkle.  This dependable hybrid Dogwood tree will delight you with an abundance of starry pink flowers in late spring.  In ...
Stellar Pink® Variegated Rutgers Dogwood Tree

Stellar Pink® Variegated Rutgers Dogwood

We are delighted to be able to offer the amazing Variegated Stellar Pink® Dogwood—a plant unlike any other Dogwood tree you’ll find.  Give this sensational ornamental tree a premium location in your landscape where you can watch the show change from season to season.  Late spring brings sweet, ...
Venus® Rutgers Dogwood Tree

Venus® Rutgers Dogwood

You have never seen a Dogwood tree like Venus® Rutgers Dogwood.  The almost comically large, saucer-sized white flowers on this recently released hybrid tree are bigger than the blooms of any Dogwood tree you’ll find for sale.  This tree will be a hot topic of conversation in your garden!  ...

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