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Angelina Stonecrop Tree

Angelina Stonecrop

Grab your sunglasses! Angelina Stonecrop, or Sedum, is an outrageously bright Spirit that will bring energy and cheer to your landscape. This lush, succulent groundcover features conifer-like “needles” that are soft to the touch and dazzling yellow in color. If you’re familiar with Blue Spruce Sedum, this is the ...
Autumn Joy Stonecrop Tree

Autumn Joy Stonecrop

They call it ‘Autumn Joy’, but it’s a pleasure all year-round! Of course, fall is when it really struts—the blooms turning rosy-pink and then coppery-red. Winter looks good on it, too, especially when snow piles up on the platforms made by the spent flowers. Spring brings joyful impatience ...
Blue Spruce Stonecrop Tree

Blue Spruce Stonecrop

It really does look like Blue Spruce needles! Blue Spruce Stonecrop, a.k.a. Sedum, makes a carpet of dreamy blue conifer-like foliage for covering bare ground beneath your trees or shrubs or for planting in a rock garden, green roof, or planter. Unlike a prickly conifer, however, this welcoming ...
Kamchatka Stonecrop Leaf

Kamchatka Stonecrop

Underrated! Here’s a little Spirit that’s probably not on your radar, though it should be in every garden. You can find a million uses for this perky groundhugger—as a living mulch underneath shrubs or taller Spirits, as an accent in a rock garden, as a component in ...
Neon Stonecrop Tree

Neon Stonecrop

When summer slips into fall and temperatures begin to cool down, that’s when Neon Stonecrop heats up. This peppy Spirit gives your beds and borders a jolt of intense late-season color with its electric-pink blossoms. At other times of the year, it has more subtle charms to offer. In ...
SunSparkler® Cherry Tart Stonecrop Tree

SunSparkler® Cherry Tart Stonecrop

Scrumptious! SunSparkler® Cherry Tart Stonecrop looks good enough to eat. This decadent new Spirit will bring rich burgundy goodness to your landscape all season long. Its round, succulent leaves form a neat, spreading mound that stays dense without any trimming. In mid- to late summer, raspberry-pink flowers appear and smother ...
SunSparkler® Lime Zinger Stonecrop Tree

SunSparkler® Lime Zinger Stonecrop

Stonecrop 2.0! SunSparkler® Lime Zinger is not your grandma’s Stonecrop. This marvelous Spirit is just as easy to grow as the same old varieties that have been around forever, but this one comes in a fantastic new package. Lime green, penny-sized leaves, each edged with a watermelon-pink margin, erupt from ...
Fulda Glow Stonecrop Tree

Fulda Glow Stonecrop

Cover up that bare ground in your landscape with the rich burgundy foliage of Fulda Glow Two Row Stonecrop. This showy groundhugging Spirit gives a unifying look to your beds and borders while smothering pesky weeds. It’s an improvement over the old-fashioned Dragon’s Blood Stonecrop, which doesn’t ...
Voodoo Stonecrop Tree

Voodoo Stonecrop

Mesmerizing! Voodoo Stonecrop is perhaps the darkest and most dramatic of the groundcover Sedums. This choice Two Row Stonecrop makes a deep mahogany-red carpet of succulent foliage. It holds its color even in the heat of summer, when its starry neon-pink flowers appear. Easy to grow in any sunny spot ...

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