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Bloodgood London Planetree/Sycamore Living Tree Chair Leaf

Bloodgood London Planetree/Sycamore Living Tree Chair

Imagine coming home to this! Kick back after a hard day’s work in the comforting arms of a Bloodgood London Planetree Living Tree Chair. That’s right—through a painstaking process of careful training, our growers have shaped this mighty shade tree into a sturdy, functional, unique, and fun ...
Audubon® American Sycamore Tree

Audubon® American Sycamore

For birds, a grand old American Sycamore is the perfect place to perch and survey the world below. This regal tree grows quickly to become a dominant feature of the forest (or of your landscape) and is a true friend to wildlife. Cavity-nesting birds like owls, woodpeckers, and wood ducks ...
Bloodgood London Planetree/Sycamore Tree

Bloodgood London Planetree/Sycamore

While “Planetree” isn’t exactly a household word, you may be familiar with the mighty American Sycamore, a parent of the excellent hybrid tree known as Bloodgood London Planetree (or London Plane Tree).  Except to the nerdiest of tree nerds, the two plants look identical:  Sycamore and Planetree are both ...

EXCLAMATION!™ London Planetree/Sycamore

Exclamation!™ is the toughest shade tree, period! Exclamation!™ London Planetree can handle whatever comes its way. Drought? Check. Flooding? Check. Road salt? Check. Air pollution? Check. And it’s as handsome as it is resilient. This large tree forms a strong single leader that grows straight and true, while the ...
Suttneri London Planetree/Sycamore Tree

Suttneri London Planetree/Sycamore

London Planetree, a.k.a. “Plane Tree,” is a large hybrid shade tree for spacious properties.  You might know its “father” better, the American Sycamore (which also has an alias—“Buttonwood”).  This rare, slightly smaller, variegated Planetree will delight you in spring when its fuzzy leaves emerge splattered with white ...
American Sycamore Tree

American Sycamore

Chalky white Sycamore limbs against a cold blue winter sky… The Sycamore is a majestic tree with bark that exfoliates to reveal smooth patches of tan, olive, and cool white. This is an iconic tree of river valleys in the eastern U.S., where it grows to awe-inspiring proportions. Its ...

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