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Niobe Golden Weeping Willow Tree

Niobe Golden Weeping Willow

Just about everybody loves a Weeping Willow, and Niobe Weeping Willow may become your favorite tree, too.  Its elegant, flowing form, golden stems, and fluttery, silver-backed leaves will paint a beautiful and soothing picture outside your window.  Weeping Willow is a fast-growing tree (the fastest-growing tree we have for sale), ...
Niobe Golden Weeping Willow Living Tree Chair Leaf

Niobe Golden Weeping Willow Living Tree Chair

If you and your friends used to play among the branches of a Weeping Willow Tree when you were kids, then you might already know what it feels like to sit in one of our Niobe Weeping Willow Living Tree Chairs. As you lean back into the arms of an ...
Weeping Pussy Willow Tree

Weeping Pussy Willow

Weeping Pussy Willow is a fun, adorable tree with furry silver catkins in early spring that are as soft as a kitten. This small but fast-growing ornamental tree is a must-have for gardens with small children. The little ones will love petting the fuzzy catkins as well as hiding under ...
Chaparral Weeping Mulberry - tree form standard Tree

Chaparral Weeping Mulberry - tree form standard

If you want a showy specimen tree in a hurry, Chaparral Weeping Mulberry is your guy. This male selection (read: no messy fruits) of the White Mulberry tree is a fast-growing tree with a distinctive weeping habit that will make a fine focal point in any of the landscape beds ...
Young's Weeping Birch Tree

Young's Weeping Birch

Young's Weeping Birch gives you the look of a Weeping Willow tree, but on a smaller scale that's more in tune with modest-sized gardens. Like Weeping Willow, this fast-growing ornamental tree is pure poetry, from the rhythmic rise and fall of its limber branches to the way the diamond-shaped leaves ...

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Should I Plant a Weeping Willow?

Ask any gardener or landscaper this question and you’ll get some varied responses. These beautiful trees bring out strong opinions in people!

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