Choosing the RIGHT TREES & PLANTS 

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Step 1


A landscape can be absolutely anything. With flowering trees, evergreens, fruit trees, ornamental grasses, shrubs, perennials, and topiary, the sky’s the limit—and we’re here to get you started! Take some time to learn about our available trees and plants, fresh from our family-owned growers, or take our tree match quiz! Learning about our tree sizes will also help you choose the perfect tree for your landscape.

Step 2

Place your ORDER

Once you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for, there are multiple ways to place your order. You can simply add trees and plants to your basket and begin the secure checkout process through our website. Or, if you’d like, you can give us a call at 1-866-873-3888 to have a Plant Whisperer place your order for you and answer any questions you may have.

Bigger trees, Size A and larger, will take approximately 21 – 28 days to be delivered.

Pssst…make sure you purchase our Elements® fertilizerwatering system, and planting mix with your order if you want to qualify for our amazing three-year guarantee!

Step 3


We’ll ship your trees and plants to your local participating garden center and you’ll be able to pick it up at no additional cost*. You can also have your local garden center deliver your trees or plants once they arrive for pickup. We’re partnered with over 120 family-owned garden centers across the United States, so there’s a good chance one of them is in your area—and we’re constantly adding more!

Bigger trees, Size A and larger, will take approximately 21 – 28 days to be delivered.

*Complimentary shipping on plant material Size A and larger. Size AA & AAA will be shipped directly to your home.


Have your order DELIVERED

Since we’re still expanding, you might not have a garden center in your area. But don’t worry! In this case, you’ll qualify for direct shipping. We’ll simply ship your trees and plants to your home!

Step 4

Get Planting! (or, have us help)

Once your trees and plants arrive at your local garden center, you can pick them up and plant them yourself—just make sure you use your Elements® care products if you purchased them! We have blog posts and guides full of expert planting and care tips that make the process easier than ever. Or, you can find out if your local garden center offers delivery and planting services, and you can have them do all the heavy lifting!

Step 5

Register your TREES & PLANTS

Once your trees and plants are planted, you can visit our website to register them. If you purchased our Elements® care products (fertilizer, planting mix, and watering system) and used them when planting, your registered trees and plants will be protected under our Three-Year Guarantee. Learn more about our Guarantees here!