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Which collection best describes your home?

Which space best describes your home?

Intimate Spaces

Small spaces create a unique opportunity for meaningful and intimate conversations or simply a quiet moment in the shade. We have an excellent selection of small trees for yards and gardens that require a lot with a little.


Suburban Streets

Suburban communities offer a natural balance of close neighboring structures as well as a moderate amount of space to spread out. Our trees in this collection are perfect for families and medium-sized yards, as well as achieving classic tree-lined street vistas.



A home in the country is a place of restful moments and expansive spaces that create opportunities for breathtaking landscapes in a pristine setting. Browse a selection of classic and large canopy trees that will perfectly anchor your yard for decades to come.


Timeless Estate

Trees as well as homes are often passed down, cherished and preserved for many generations to come, to benefit a household and create a legacy. Create your legacy with the trees in this collection, which honor tradition as well as offer unique and sophisticated qualities.


Modern Edge

A modern home creates a statement, one that reflects your personality and offers a highly distinctive experience. Our modern trees are as unique as you are, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and perfectly complementing your adventurous spirit.



Wooded properties easily create a sense of peace, privacy and retreat. They're also a natural sanctuary for many species of birds. The trees in this collection work well in forested spaces, as well as those homes with a mature, shaded landscape already in place.


Only the Best

What makes life extraordinary is the ability to see wonder in the ordinary.A tree is at once common and remarkable. It can mean the difference between any place and a place we love to be. We are here to help you see what we see when we see a tree in the landscape. We are here to help you see your own vision come to life.Bower & Branch is a group of growers and independent garden centers in the Northeast who share a common passion for trees and the people who plant them.Our growers and garden centers are handpicked because they understand the fundamental value of patient growing practices, delivering trees in their prime, taking care of trees and relationships. We believe in empowering homeowners with the truth about strong and structurally sound trees that are grown to perform in the ground after they leave the nursery. We also believe in the extraordinary things trees can bring to our lives, things like peace, privacy and beauty.Founded by the Eaton family from their 175-acre farm in Leesport, Pennsylvania, Bower & Branch is devoted to helping homeowners make better decisions when it comes to choosing, planting and caring for their trees. We are equally devoted to providing a unique and remarkably positive online, in-store and in-person experience every time. A Tree for Every StyleLearn More