5 Reasons to Use Accents in Your Landscape

A beautiful outdoor space can consist of absolutely anything. With Trees, Spirits, and Fringe, the sky is the limit. But did you know that Accent Shrubs can also enhance your landscape while complementing the plants within it? Read on to learn more about Accents and how you can use them in your own garden. 

They are extremely versatile

Depending on type and location, Trees have many purposes. They can overlook your home like graceful guardians, surrounding your family in an almost protective embrace. When planted along your property line, they can provide you with a comforting sense of privacy as they block roads or drown out the sounds of traffic. In the warmer months, they can enliven your landscape with striking displays of vibrant, cheery blooms. 

Spirits, too, have different purposes. Their vivid foliage and blossoms lend artful flair to any space, and many of them attract pollinators of all kinds. They make it almost effortless to bring a touch of the tropics to your landscape, whether you plant them by your pool or right outside your front door. 

So what do Accent Shrubs do? Just about anything you can imagine! Since they possess many of the qualities of both Trees and Spirits, you get the best of both worlds. Some Accents, such as the Admiration Barberry and the Orange Rocket Barberry, bring festivity to your garden with vibrant red, orange, yellow, and burgundy foliage—and the Dwarf Korean Lilac Accent, with its charming purple blooms, can give any Spirit a run for its money. Others, such as the Little Giant Globe Arborvitae, can be used to make a hedge that blocks out sound and provides privacy—just as you might wish to do with evergreen Trees. 

They Complement trees and spirits

While Accent Shrubs can certainly stand out on their own, they also complement a variety of Trees and Spirits. The Little Giant Glove Arborvitae and the Green Giant Arborvitae, for instance, make a perfect match. And the Torulosa Hinoki Cypress will play nicely with conifer trees—especially the very similar Compact Hinoki Cypress and the Filicoides Hinoki Cypress!

More colorful Accents, such as the barberries mentioned above, can further elevate the beautiful blooms of certain Spirits, such as Lucifer Montbretia. Color coordinating will help these plants shine!

They Add wintertime color

Spirits are beautiful during spring and summer months, but this beauty tends to fade as winter approaches. It’s the same for flowering trees, too. But many Accents, such as the Winter Gem Boxwood and Green Velvet Boxwood, will keep your garden green all year long. They are hardy and constant, providing much-needed splashes of color to landscapes that may otherwise seem bleak and uninviting during colder months. 

They give birds a safe haven 

Birds love Accents! Planting them throughout your yard will give songbirds protection from the elements, which will keep them flocking to the area for a long time. They also give birds plenty of spots to build their nests and have their young. Simply put, planting Accents is a wonderful and simple way to bring nature closer to your home! 

They create visual contrast

Because of how versatile they are, Accents have the power to completely shape your landscape’s design. Spirits with bright flowers, such as Fireworks Goldenrod and First Choice Bluebeard, will really “pop” when surrounded by dark green shrubs. Accents also add shape and definition when used as hedges or even as focal points, and they can provide welcoming symmetry to a whimsical garden. 


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