Butterfly Garden Plants




Butterfly Garden Plants Collection

When you purchase any of these butterfly garden plants online, they will be shipped to a locally owned garden center near you or you can choose to have them shipped directly to your home. How cool is that? Mix and match any of the plants below, plant them in abundance in your garden, and sit back with a big ol’ glass of sweet tea to perform air traffic control for your garden butterflies. Well, that might be a stretch…but these plants are irresistible to butterflies, and they have certainly earned a coveted spot in our Grower Select program.

If you aren’t near one of our amazing garden center affiliates, there’s no need to worry. Just enter your zip code at purchase, and if you’re located in any of the 27 states we ship to, your butterfly garden plants will be shipped directly to your doorstep at the peak of their beauty and ready for your garden.