Buy Trees Online

Buying trees online has become very popular over the last few years. Consumers have found the best places to buy trees online and began ordering trees without the constraints of retail shopping. The advantages are obvious – you can shop at night when your to-do list has been checked off, and you can focus on what trees to buy! In addition to the convenience factor, you can also connect with experts online, research other peoples experiences and reviews, and find out the best trees to plant in your yard. 

Whether you are looking to buy shade trees, flowering trees, fruit trees, ornamentals or a rare tree, buying online actually helps you make the best choice. You are no longer limited to the inventory at the garden center. Now you can choose from the nearly limitless inventory available online, and confirm tree hardiness zones with ease.

“Wow, you completely understand what I wanted! You guys think the same way I do. I can’t wait to do business with you and your company, so glad I found you!Dave, Massachusetts

Buying trees online is often cheaper than buying trees in a garden center. The reason for this is simple: the retailer did not have to inventory the tree, so there are no added costs to pass along to you. Trees are often healthier when bought online. The trees stay in optimal growing conditions until purchased, then harvested and shipped.

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Buy Mature Trees Online

Buying a mature tree online is best for many homeowners.  A large tree has a much higher chance of success than a less hearty example. When you buy a tree online it is important to know what size tree you’re going to get. Bower & Branch has worked really hard to set clear expectations of what size tree you will receive.

“I’ve been very impressed with this whole process. You have a great system in place.David, Pennsylvania

The smallest trees you are likely to buy online are from The Arbor Day Foundation. The Arbor Day Foundation is a great organization, and they do a lot to promote awareness of trees, and educating the public about the importance of trees in our landscape. To understand size, let’s use a Green Giant Arborvitae for example.  The Arbor Day tree is priced at only $9.00, while the Bower & Branch tree is priced at $75. Why such a big difference? The Arbor Day example is a ‘bare root’ seedling that is a little taller than the length of a dollar bill. The website lists it as 6” to 12” high. Bower & Branch sells this tree in our ‘Size A’, which for a Green Giant Arborvitae, is clearly shown as being 4’ to 5’ tall. Our tree has several years of growth under its branches and is much heartier – making an immediate impact in your landscape. Even after you remove the tree from its pot and plant it, it will be 4’ to 5’ high. The tiny bare root stock can work for a passionate gardener who is able to devote years to protecting and nurturing the little twig into a healthy, happy tree. It would not be a good fit for many homeowners though, where pets, lawnmowers and children would threaten its existence on a daily basis. According to many accounts online, success rates for bare root stock vary from 10% to 30% – the majority of the plants simply do not live long enough to become hearty trees. Bower & Branch trees on the other hand, show up at your local garden center, fresh from the grower – a hearty, healthy tree that carries a 3 year guarantee, and is ready to take root in your yard and have an immediate positive impact. 

Full grown trees can be expensive to buy and have planted, but Bower & Branch’s perfect size trees are large and mature enough to be healthy and hearty, but still affordable to buy and plant.

Best Place to Buy Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are a wonderful addition to your property. From your yard to your table, there is no better way to enjoy fresh fruit in season! The hard part about buying fruit trees online or in a garden center is finding the right tree in stock when you are ready to plant. 

Bower & Branch has a limited release of fruit trees available online – make sure to sign up for our email updates so we can let you know as more fruit trees become available. You will love our apple trees and peach trees, as well as our plums, blueberries, and more!

Buying fruit trees online with Bower & Branch allows us to deliver the tree to your favorite garden center when you are ready to plant! 

Trees from A to Z, or Aspen to Zelkova

When you are shopping for a tree online, you can choose from a wide variety – Bower & Branch carries more than 250 different tree varieties, from Quaking Aspen to Green Vase Zelkova.  Many people who decide to buy a tree can feel a little bit of information overload, because of all the information that is available online. To help you buy the best tree for you, Bower & Branch created the helpful ‘Find Your Perfect Match’ tool – it is a matchmaking service for trees and tree buyers. If you take a short quiz, our match tool will suggest the right tree for you to buy, based on your property, where you live, your lifestyle goals, and your personality.