Coral Bells

The Must-Have Foliage to Amplify Your Bloomers


Every garden needs foliage plants, just as as every wardrobe needs a plain white t-shirt. But our Coral Bells are far from plain.

Coral Bells will illuminate your landscape with their bold, broad, and colorful leaves. They amplify the beauty of surrounding perennial bloomers by nestling among them at the base. And Coral Bells will always be performing—their foliage emerges early in the spring, expands through the summer, and stands stately until the first blanket of snow.

As an extra bonus? They flower, too!

While the bloom is not as flashy as, say, Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower, Coral Bells’ flowers are soft, airy, and truly elegant as they rise from the center and cascade over a low mound of dramatic foliage.


Whatever your garden style is, we’ve got a Coral Bells variety for you!

Plant Coral Bells in groupings of three, five, or six—in a row or staggered—to emphasize their colorful personality. Or, accent your bed edge and elevate the spirit of taller perennials behind them. Add Elements Planting Compost Blend to the soil while planting to kickstart their acclimation and Elements Organic Fertilizer to fuel their luscious leaves.