Florist Azaleas vs. Poinsettias



Florist Azaleas are a game changer, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Poinsettias are wonderful, they’re traditional! We love them at Christmas and we love growing them in the greenhouse. Some people say that poinsettias make the holiday season. People want to decorate their homes as early as they can with poinsettias, maybe even before Thanksgiving!

Elevate your poinsettia Christmas tradition and add blooming florist azaleas! Unfortunately, poinsettias are disposable, they have a shelf life. They can be lots of work and then, when the season ends, so do they.  So into the trash go the once wonderful poinsettias, with the once fresh wreaths and garland. But your florist azalea is a keeper!

Once the tree comes down and the house is clean and full of open spaces yet again, we quickly turn our attention to house plants, searching for that color to brighten the winter days. It’s still a long time until Spring arrives!





Bower & Branch was introduced (blessed really!) to florist tabletop azaleas last year through one of our family growers and we have become major fans of them… who could blame us though, they’re flowering Azaleas for indoors!

Our Florist azaleas come in seasonal colors, but our favorites are the Christmas Colors! For the holiday season, we enjoy the Red and the candy cane red and white floral mix. But we are swayed towards the classic, pure white blooms – the beam nature’s Christmas to us. We are always dreaming of a white Christmas for the holidays!

Have Florist Azaleas replaced our love for poinsettias? Will they be the new holiday trend and tradition? We almost hate to say it, but YES!

Why We Love Them and Prefer Florist Azaleas

  • Indoor azaleas continue to flower for many weeks (45 to 60 days), well past their season or the holidays
  • Safe indoor house plants
  • Azaleas can bloom again next year
  • Longest bloomers of all flowering occasion/holiday indoor house plants
  • Easy to Care for! All you need are ice cubes! (View Care Instructions here!)
  • Indoor azaleas are unique and uplifting with their daily and long-lasting beauty
  • Brightens up any room
  • Are the perfect unexpected gift
  • Can become a great patio tabletop plant or, in southern regions, a beautiful landscape addition

What Forms do Florist Azaleas Grow In

Shrub Form Florist Azaleas

These florist azalea forms can be used on tabletops or for centerpieces. You can use these blooming azaleas in several places depending on the smaller and larger sizes!

Check out our Merry + Bright Azalea shrub or our Jack Frost Azalea shrub!


Topiary Tree Form Florist Azaleas

At Bower & Branch we particularly enjoy the topiary tree forms of the florist azaleas. We are into trees and topiary, if you didn’t already know – so having them in bloom is even better! Not to mention, the stems of the topiary tree azaleas are braided and are absolutely stunning.

Check out our Winter Wonderland Azalea Topiary Tree and Mistletoe Azalea Topiary Tree!


Wreath and Heart Form Florist Azaleas

YEP! Our indoor azaleas come in shapes! They are grown in a heart topiary shape for Valentine’s Day and wreath topiary shape for the holidays of course! (We are in love with mixed red and white azalea wreaths for Christmas!)

Bower & Branch has redefined indoor flowering plants for all occasions and holidays. The largest florist azalea grower in the country is a Bower & Branch Family Grower – they are the experts (and artists) in growing these beauties for us… and you! We are happy they’re part of our family and yours!



HOW to make your FLORIST Azalea BLOOM again

  • Requires 6 weeks of chilling temperatures
    • These azaleas require a chilling period of about 6 weeks where temperatures are maintained at 45-55 degrees
    • Not a perfect science – many times, simply allowing your azalea to experience typical Fall weather before freezing temperatures will do the job
  • Move into warmer temperatures – bright light! 
    • After your azalea experiences Fall, flower buds have been set and developed.  Time to bring in to the warmth of your home and place in bright sunlight.
    • In place of sunlight, install Bower & Branch Radiance Grow Lights
  • Remember to continue to fertilize through the entire season outside and continue inside weekly. Keep soil evenly moist.
  • Bower & Branch Plant Whisperers can help you enjoy this experience in full – remember, our experts are the best growers in the country. Chat with them on the site, email them at or give ’em a call! (866) 873-3888

Enjoy all over again!

  • There is no better feeling than growing, no better reward than a seeing a flower and no better experience than to watch others enjoy your work!


For more information on how to care for your indoor florist azalea, click here!