Fresh Evergreens – Holiday Giveaway

Everlasting Evergreens – Fresh from the Grower

It’s that time of year again! Put on a cozy sweater, carve a pumpkin, and enjoy the sweet melodies of Bing Crosby crooning holiday songs by a warm fire. The holiday season is a breath of fresh air as landscapes transform into rich hues and stunning displays of color. This year Bower & Branch have even more to celebrate as we ring in the holiday season with the gift of evergreens. EVERY ORDER PLACED OCTOBER 5TH THROUGH OCTOBER 9TH

Holiday Giveaway

“In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir

Evergreen means everlasting life for its lush four season green beauty. The comforting smell of fresh evergreens, like spruce and pine, brings life to a fragrant wintery holiday season. This year we want to shower you in the many joys of Christmas, with free evergreen trees! The more you purchase, the more your landscape will be filled with emerald cheer. Only orders placed 10/5-10/9 over $250 qualify for Free Evergreens.

Free, Fresh Evergreen Levels – Sizes AA

Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, and Eastern White Pine

Orders over $250 – 3 Evergreens (1 of each) – $195 Value

Orders over $350 – 6 Evergreens (2 of each) – $390 Value

Orders over $500 – 12 Evergreens (4 of each) – $780 Value

Orders over $1,000 – 24 Evergreens (8 of each!) – $1,560 Value

*Offer applies to the purchase of trees and plants only.


Norway Spruce

A row of these large, fast-growing evergreen trees will quickly create a living green wall that quiets traffic noise and blocks glare from headlights.  Easy to grow, cold-hardy, drought-tolerant, and never needing pruning, this popular conifer is a smart, no-fuss solution.  The only maintenance you may choose to perform on your Norway Spruce tree is to add some lights at Christmas and gather some branches and cones for wreath-making.  Songbirds, squirrels, and other small animals also appreciate the food and shelter this stately conifer provides. Learn more!


Blue Spruce

Bring the sparkle of steely blue foliage to your landscape year-round with a Colorado Blue Spruce. This much-loved pyramidal evergreen tree is the perfect focal point for the formal areas of your landscape that need some bling. In winter, you can decorate this living Christmas tree with lights for even more drama. Songbirds like robins and cardinals will appreciate the cover your Blue Spruce tree provides and may choose to nest in the security of its thickly set branches. Learn more!


Eastern White Pine

The majestic Eastern White Pine is a large, fast-growing tree for spacious properties that makes one of the quickest and prettiest evergreen privacy screens you can buy.  Let this wonderful native Pine’s fluffy clouds of soft, blue-green foliage absorb traffic noise and headlight glare, while filling your yard with the fresh, calming fragrance of Pine needles and the relaxing whisper of the wind through Pine trees. Learn more!



Evergreens are the compelling masters of the winter garden, taking center stage as snow clings to the dense sage green foliage. So versatile and can make a world of difference in your landscape and your community, from holiday decorations, to privacy screens and groves, to a thoughtful charitable gift to your local school or community center. These forest staples can do a lot more than hold ornaments; they can also create everlasting beauty and memories.

What to do with Your Fresh Evergreens:

  • Plant a grove
  • Plant your future Christmas trees
  • Create the perfect Kid Christmas Trees: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Donate to a charity or school
  • Give to your family, friends and neighbors
  • Tabletop Christmas Centerpieces
  • Plant the perfect privacy screen