Fruit Tree Guide – Overview

Fruit Tree Guide – Overview


Step 1: Location

We’re going to start with the very basics, before we even get to the Trees – and that’s the Location of your Landscape!  If you’ve grown small fruits or vegetables before you probably know part of what we’re going to say – but if Fruit Trees are your first exploration in Home Grown Dining you may not even know where to start – and that’s with Location – both yours and where you want to plant your Fruit Trees.  

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Step 2 –  What Fruit Trees Should I Grow?

Now that you’ve determined the places in your landscape where you can grow a Fruit Tree – you can decide which one(s) you want!

Think about your family’s eating habits and how you’ll want to use your fruit.  Do you want to eat it fresh only? Do you want to harvest over a long period of time?  Do you want to cook some now and save some for the winter? Did your grandparents have a Tree at their house that you loved and you want to pass that joy on to your family?

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Step 3 – Basic Fruit Tree Care

How you space your Fruit Trees can affect the size and yield. Like any other plant, you don’t want to plant your Fruit Trees so close to other plants that they are competing for space, either with their branches or with their roots!  First, for almost every kind of Fruit Tree you’re planting, make sure you have room for at least two Trees so you get as many happy Pollinators as possible. In general, you want to leave at least 3-4 feet between Trees, but they can be as much as 50-100 feet apart if that works better for your Landscape!

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