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Ready to get started with Fruit Trees? Explore our most popular fruit-bearing trees and shrubs below. You’ll find a wide variety of Apple Trees along with Peach Trees, Cherry Trees, Pear Trees, Blueberry Bushes, Apricot Trees, Persimmon Trees, Chestnut Trees, and more—all meticulously grown with the care and expertise of Bower & Branch nursery experts.

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  • Cortland Apple Tree

    Cortland Apple

  • Empire Apple Tree

    Empire Apple

  • Fuji Apple Tree

    Fuji Apple

  • Gala Apple Tree

    Gala Apple

  • Gravenstein Apple Tree

    Gravenstein Apple

  • Honeycrisp Apple Tree

    Honeycrisp Apple

  • Liberty Apple Tree

    Liberty Apple

  • Macoun Apple Tree Macoun Apple Leaf

    Macoun Apple

  • McIntosh Apple Tree

    McIntosh Apple

  • Zestar!® Apple Tree Zestar!® Apple Leaf

    Zestar!® Apple

  • Rubinette Apple Tree

    Rubinette Apple