How to Care for your Indoor Florist Azalea Plant


Azaleas are the multicolored joys of Christmas and the bright blooms of spring. Can you grow azaleas indoor successfully? The answer is, of course, you can! There are a few tricks you need to know to keep these beauties blooming year after year.

1. Keep soil moist.

  • Bower & Branch recommends simple ice cube watering – depending on the pot size, drop four or more ice cubes daily to keep soil moist. Ice cubes provide slow-release indoor irrigation and does not allow the soil to dry down – which azaleas just don’t like! Add ice cubes as needed to keep soil evenly moist.
    • Remember, your Azalea will require watering everyday. Leaving your Azalea unattended for even a couple of days will result in drying beyond recovery. 


2. Keep in bright spaces.

  • To keep those blooms gorgeous and filled with colorful cheer, move your azaleas to areas of bright light for best results. Let them soak up some sun, then place back as your centerpiece or focal point!

3. Fertilize once a month with Elements water soluble fertilizer.

  • Once the blooms have faded, give your plant a little more light and fertilize. Mix fertilizer with water or frozen in the ice cubes to make little popsicles for your azalea. See more instructions on the Elements® Fertilizer label or contact Bower & Branch Plant Whisperer.


4. Not Hardy in the North!

  • In the spring, when it starts to get a bit warmer outside, transplant your azaleas into a larger container to bloom on your patio all summer long! Use Bower & Branch Composition Planting Mix for your growing soil.
    • In the south, plant outdoors after any danger of freeze.



Gifts Azaleas are grown for indoor performance and are beautifully enjoyed for a period of 2 to 4 weeks as the blooms last. Once the blooms have faded, you may discard the plant or continue to grow it on as a houseplant. 

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