Introducing Fringe: Our Exclusive Selection of Grasses

At Bower & Branch, we take great pride in our trees—but we’re more than trees! We’re thrilled to be able to provide all of the elements you need to create a stellar landscape. Fringe are ornamental grasses that offer something for every garden—and every garden style. They can elevate your outdoor spaces with texture, movement, structure, and so much more. 


Most Fringe styles are fine-textured. They wonderfully counter plants with bold foliage, and they soften the hard edges of your home and garden. Fringe varieties like Elijah Blue Fescue and Morning Light Maiden Grass have ultra-slim foliage if you’re looking for something with an especially delicate feel. 


Maybe you’ve never considered the value of movement in your landscape. If your home is surrounded by stiff, formal evergreens, you may be surprised by what a few swaying plants can add. Limber Fringe varieties like Adagio Maiden Grass are the picture of grace when breezes gently tousle their foliage. They easily bring lightness and playfulness to your borders. 


Although Fringe is generally loved for its free-flowing and informal qualities, many varieties supply good structure in the garden. Northwind Switch Grass, for example, stands rigidly upright, carrying itself with poise and strength. It resists all kinds of punishing weather, remaining a powerful vertical element. Plant structural Fringe in multiples to lend a sense of rhythm to the landscape. 

Winter interest

Evergreen Fringe, such as Ice Dance Japanese Sedge, delivers a pop of winter cheer to the borders and containers around your home. Where winters aren’t too brutal, it looks sharp all year long. Deciduous Fringe can paint pretty winter pictures, too. Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass is one such beauty that has biscuit-colored plumes well into the cold season. 


When you think of Fringe, “colorful” may not be the first word to come to mind, but plenty of these diverse plants wear colors other than green. Blue Zinger Sedge is one of several Fringe varieties that sports cool blue blades, while Evergold Weeping Sedge features brilliant yellow variegation. On the other hand, Ruby Ribbons Switch Grass mixes red and blue tones. 


It’s easier to enjoy your landscape when you don’t feel like the whole world is looking in. Some Fringe types make effective season privacy screens, giving you the seclusion you need. Turn your garden into your sanctuary with tall Fringe varieties like Gracillimus Maiden Grass. This dense-growing Fringe grows quickly for fast cover. 


Sometimes, low and spreading is what you need. Groundcover Fringe knits together and blocks out weeds, giving you more time to sit back and enjoy your garden. It presents a stylish image, unifying the landscape. Try a low-grower like Japanese Forest Grass to add easy elegance to a shady space. 

Easy Care

Most Fringe varieties are simple to grow. Yearly maintenance involves cutting them back or cleaning them up in early spring. Otherwise, they pretty much take care of themselves. Pests and diseases are rarely an issue, and deer and rabbits usually pass them by.