Live Container Grown Christmas Trees – How to Care for Them



Live container grown Christmas trees can be planted outdoors for ongoing benefits after the holidays – talk about perfect recycling!  A real, living Christmas tree provides native bird habitats, a great landscape addition and wonderful family memories.

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1. Water with Ice Cubes

Live, container grown, Christmas Trees can be watered by using a few ice cubes each day. The number of ice cubes depends on how large the container is; add ice cubes as required to keep soil moist and do not allow the Evergreen to dry down at all. Ice cubes provide a true slow release irrigation system in the simplest form and will even assist in keeping soil temperatures in the range best for the living evergreen.

  • Water regularly while Indoors
  • Potted trees will dry out more quickly – keep the soil moist but not soggy.
  • Use the ice cube Home irrigation system! Add 12 ice cubes daily to maintain even moisture throughout the entire time your live Christmas tree is indoors.


2. Mind the Roots

  • Place the tree, still in the Bower & Branch grower pot undisturbed, into a decorative basket, container, or tree collar of your choice and style!

3. Choose the Right Bright and Sunny Spot

  • Place your live Christmas tree by a window, where it’ll receive as much light as possible.
  • Keep away form fire places or other direct heat sources
  • Cool windows are the best windows!
  • LED lights are preferred.

4. Bring the tree outside

Once the holidays are over, bring your potted evergreen outside for some cool, fresh air and admire it as your new front door tree until planting time.

Live Christmas trees are best planted as soon as possible. Follow these simple rules of thumb to insure your Christmas tree lives for years and years:

  • Dig your planting hole long before Christmas on a warm and sunny late fall day.
  • Store your soil in your garage where it will not freeze or some other location that provides some protection from extreme cold or freeze.
  • Keep your soil right in your wheelbarrow – makes for easy planting later!
  • Use Bower & Branch Composition Planting Mix at planting time.
  • Recommended 10-14 days indoors and decorated.
  • Un-decorate your tree after Christmas, move to mild temperature area (garage or outdoor shed or area protected from wind)
  • Water well after moving outside!
  • Plant 3 days after hardening-off period on a nice, calm and sunny early Winter’s day.
  • Follow Bower & Branch Planting instructions.
  • Keep moist whenever possible and protect from wind through the winter.