Live Tabletop Evergreen Trees – How to Care for Them



These fresh live tabletop evergreen trees, alive with the fragrance of the season, are easy to care for and can be planted outdoors for ongoing benefit after the holidays – talk about perfect recycling!

These evergreen trees may also be grown in containers on the patio, or on the fire escape through the year.

1. Water with Ice Cubes

  • Your live tabletop evergreen can be watered using a few ice cubes each day to keep soil evenly moist for the time you are enjoying indoors. Ice cubes provide a natural slow release indoor irrigation system for your trees and plants and may even help to keep soil temperatures cooler as desired for your living tree.
  • Size AAA – 3 ice cubes a day
  • Size AA – 6 ice cubes a day
  • Size A – 12 ice cubes a day



2. Mind the Roots

  • Do not disturb the tree in the pot provided until planting outdoors or planting into larger container.
  • Keep roots moist with regular ice cube watering as needed.

3. Choose the right bright and sunny spot

  • Place your live tabletop evergreen by a window, providing as much light as possible.
  • Cooler air by the window will help your tree enjoy the indoors so much better.
  • Keep away from fire places or other direct heat sources.

4. Move it out!

  • If desired, after the Holidays, your evergreen can be placed outdoors in an area protected by wind or extreme cold.
  • Plant as soon as the ground allows.
  • Protect from freezing temperatures until spring.
  • Keep moist through the winter.
  • Cover the plant with burlap, a blanket – just keep the evergreen a little warmer than cold!
  • Follow Bower & Branch Tree planting recommendations. Enjoy!

Any more questions, please talk (or chat below!) with our Plant Whisperers directly; they’re always happy to help! (866) 873-3888 // 

Growers’ Note

Moving Evergreen Trees indoors for the holidays provides so much enjoyment and brings a true, real and fresh feeling into your home or apartment.

While indoors, keep moist, in a sunny and bright location – do not allow to dry out. If you prefer, after the Holidays, you can slowly harden off your tree and return the tree to the outdoors. Be watchful of freezing, drying and wind damages. Most winter tree loss is caused by drying roots and foliage. Protect from wind and severe cold. Have fun and enjoy for even more seasons!