Living Christmas Trees

It’s pretty satisfying to know a potted Christmas tree will have another life, after the holiday season, in your landscape. 

Make sure you select a tree that will look good in your home as well as in your landscape. First, check to see that the particular specimen is hardy in your area. You can learn about some of our favorites below. Then, follow our simple steps to ensure the freshness of your evergreen for years to come!

Why a bower & branch christmas tree?

Our evergreen Christmas trees are handcrafted with love by our expert growers for overall symmetry and a straight leader to hold the shining star. Branches are trimmed evenly to make room for glistening ornaments, popcorn garlands, and tinsel. 

Caring for your tree

Once you have chosen the right Christmas tree variety, prepare for its transition from the cold outside environment to your warm and cozy home. Two weeks prior to your holiday festivities, move the tree into your garage or enclosed porch. Consistent watering is important throughout this process to keep the soil moist and the tree thriving. Approximately seven to ten days before you open presents and sip eggnog, carefully haul the tree into the house for decorating. 

A living Christmas tree should not stay in your home for more than ten days. The warmth of this environment simulates spring, which will encourage your tree to start pushing new growth. Place the tree outside, in a protected area, until you are able to plant it in the ground. Soak the roots well to keep them moist. 

Some of our favorite living christmas trees




Eastern White Pine

The soft blue-teal needles of the Eastern White Pine create an airy and wispy display. Decorate its graceful branches with flowing garlands and rich red ribbons.






Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is a native Christmas tree of the past, present, and future. It’s the original tree of the holiday season, first found growing straight and symmetrical in the forest. Accent its dark green needles with burlap garlands and warm, burgundy-red ornaments. 





Canadian Hemlock  

The majestic Canadian Hemlock is a proud native tree, with surprisingly soft needles. Its branches are very flexible, so you’ll want to decorate it gently!






Blue Spruce

Bring the sparkle of steely blue foliage to your holiday look! The Blue Spruce is a much-loved evergreen that makes a perfect focal point, and it looks absolutely magical when decked out in festive lights. 






Dwarf Alberta Spruce Spiral

It’s Christmas with a twist! There’s no reason you can’t add some holiday bling to a topiary tree. In fact, utilizing a Dwarf Alberta Spruce Spiral as a Christmas tree is an excellent way to add a little extra fun and elegance to the season!