Mini Live Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

Mini Live Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

Mini Live Christmas Trees for Small Spaces and Tabletops

Did you know?

We have mini live Christmas trees for small spaces! Christmas Trees in apartments are not limited to artificial or cut trees anymore.

The scent of real, living evergreen trees is possible for even the smallest of spaces. 

Who needs the hassle of cut trees, the stands that go with them and then, the fight to recycle the tree? Especially in a small, one bedroom apartment! Potted, live, tabletop and full size Christmas trees are an option today with modern growing practices of our Bower & Branch Family Growers. 

One of our primary objectives here at Bower & Branch is to provide a connection, access and an experience for all of us, in all our living and work spaces, to trees. Providing real, living and growing Christmas trees is one way we can get trees nearer to people.

Bower & Branch Family Growers have perfected the art of growing live evergreen trees and have learned how to grow these in containers with lightweight soils to make it easier to move and deliver.

These Fresh Evergreens, alive with the fragrance of the holidays, can be planted outdoors for ongoing benefit after the Holidays – talk about perfect recycling! These Trees may also be grown in containers on the patio or even on the fire escape through the year if desired.


Apartment Christmas Trees come in various sizes and varieties. The best types of mini live Christmas trees for small spaces and apartments can be found here: Bower & Branch Living Mini Christmas Tree Selections. 

The fresh pine and spruce scent we all long for is provided everyday, every hour with our line of mini Live Christmas Trees for small spaces. Bonus? Living trees are no danger to pets and require minimal care while indoors. Keep the Holidays real in your apartment while making a sound and beneficial environmental choice this year – Christmas trees grown to be planted – not grown to be cut down, not manufactured from plastics, what an awesome concept!

Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Pine – all of these beautiful, live Evergreen Christmas trees are available in sizes for nightstands or centerpieces and all the way up to 4-5’ trees – large enough for gifts!


Mini live Christmas trees for small spaces should be watered using a few ice cubes each day. The number of ice cubes depends on how large the Christmas tree is that you have. Ice cubes provide a true slow release irrigation system in the simplest form and will even assist in keeping soil temperatures in the range best for the living tree. 


One more clever, trendy apartment Christmas Tree — the Bower & Branch American Holly Tree. What a unique and awesome idea – real living boughs of holly in the form of the native American Holly tree or Blue Princess Holly!

For large live Christmas trees, shop here!


For care instructions, read here!