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For All Tree & Plant Health Care

Trees and soil depend on important relationships with beneficial microorganisms for fertility, nutrition, growth and protection. Bower & Branch Elements Fertilizer contains organic material alive with beneficial microorganisms, scientifically proven to benefit all plants and soils.

Empower your trees and plants by building a strong soil environment that increases the availability of nutrients and the ability of plants to use them.

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Our product is 100% safe, organic and easy to use. It can be applied either by watering or adding it at planting time. Our product empowers the plant and enhances communication! Bower & Branch Elements Fertilizer is the perfect blend of microbes and nutrients to support naturally occurring systems already in place. It contains everything you need for organic tree and plant health care. This product has been approved for use on all trees, shrubs, fruits, berries, vegetables, flowers, bulbs, container gardens & indoor plants. Our Fertilizer is non-toxic and chemical free.

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Planting Application


Use one 1/2 pound package per tree. Add to planting hole before tree planting. Water thoroughly after planting.


Use 1/4 cup per small shrub, 1/2 cup per medium shrub and 1 cup per large shrub. Add to planting hole before shrub planting. Water thoroughly after planting.

Flowers, Bulbs, Vegetables, Container Gardens & Indoor Plants

Use 1/2 teaspoon per small (bulb, six pack, up to 4”) starter plant, 1 teaspoon per medium (4-8”) plant, 1 tablespoon per large (8” or gallon) plant and 1 tablespoon per additional gallon size container. Add to planting hole before placing plant. Water thoroughly after planting.

For container growing and seed starting, mix 1 tablespoon per gallon of garden or potting soil. Make your garden pop early!

Ongoing Care

Trees & Shrubs

For ongoing soil and plant health reapply Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer once each Spring and Fall for the first 3 years at the following rates:


Mix 1 cup with 5 gallons of water. Apply evenly around drip line of tree. Tree feeding roots are generally located in top 6-12” of soil. Use enough water to deliver to this depth. Repeat each Spring and Fall.


Mix 1/2 cup with 5 gallons of water. Apply evenly to root zone of shrubs. Treats 250 square feet of garden area. Or apply 2 table-spoons dry, spread under individual shrubs and water thoroughly.

Flowers, Bulbs, Vegetables, Container Gardens & Indoor Plants

Weekly applications are recommended. Mix 1 tablespoon per gallon of water for each soil drench and/or as foliar spray. Will not burn!

Application Tip

The amount of water used to mix or apply is not meant or required to be exact and is offered only as a guideline. The goal is to move the product into the soil and in contact with plant roots. Use as much water as you prefer. You can’t do it wrong - you can only do it better!

1/2 pound = 2 cups = 32 tablespoons = 96 teaspoons

Bower & Branch 3-Year Tree Guarantee

Our trees are grown specifically with you in mind. Your success is our ambition. We offer this remarkable guarantee to give you the confidence that we fully stand behind our trees and services. When you buy a Bower & Branch tree, you are buying the best tree available, grown with no shortcuts that might risk your success.

Bower & Branch requires 3 simple steps to activate the 3-Year Tree Guarantee. Bower & Branch has been guaranteeing our trees for years and we have learned that tree failure at home is caused by a small number of important events that we can easily overcome with proper efforts in planting, fertilizing and watering. Should any Bower & Branch tree fail for any reason, Bower & Branch will provide a gift card for the amount of the cost of the tree that can be used online towards the purchase of another Bower & Branch tree. Click here for more information about the 3 steps.

The Bower & Branch Elements™ collection is an essential group of products that help your tree grow healthy and strong. The Elements Fertilizer and Watering System are required for Bower & Branch trees to receive the 3-Year Tree Guarantee. Available at certified Bower & Branch garden centers or order online and have Elements delivered to your home.

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Size 8oz Bag:

Makes 32 gallons of soil or water and treats up to 1,000 square feet.

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