"It's the Little Things" White Florist Azalea Shrub Product
"It's the Little Things" White Florist Azalea Shrub
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Live Tabletop Gift Azalea in Bud & Bloom

  • What are florist azaleas? Read here! >>
  • Beautiful azalea flowers for all indoor spaces
  • Azalea goes from delivery box to display in seconds
  • Send cheerful blooms to family and friends both near and far
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Enjoy the little things in life... that bloom! That's why we offer this small azalea shrub in pink, red, and white blooms! This indoor white-blooming azalea was grown at just the right size for a coffee table or desktop that is looking for a fresh pop of nature's colors! Elevate your home decor with a blooming florist azalea! The perfect indoor plant gift for friends, co-workers and family!

  • Live Indoor White Azalea
  • Azalea and container approx. 9" H upon arrival
  • Arrives in ceramic copper-colored container, topped with forest moss
  • Brighten up your most used spaces: desktop, coffee table, workspace, window sill - enjoy its simple, easy, and long-lasting color
  • Provides color for 45-60 days; enjoys partial sunlight
  • Click here for Florist Azalea Care
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"It's the Little Things" White Florist Azalea Shrub Product