Elements® Starter Plant Food - Granular
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Elements Starter Plant Food is an all natural plant food that can aid in preventing transplanting losses and ensure your success. Made from natural and organic plant food ingredients. The Organics in Elements Starter Plant Food break down gradually to provide a long lasting reservoir of food for newly established Trees and Plants. It also contains a blend of microbes and mycorrhizae. 

Empower your trees and plants by building a strong soil environment that increases the availability of nutrients and the ability of plants to use them. Elements® is a required product at planting time for all Bower & Branch Trees & Plants Exclusive 3 Year Guarantee.
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Our product empowers the plant and enhances communication! Bower & Branch Elements Starter Plant Food is the perfect blend of microbes and nutrients to support naturally occurring systems already in place. It contains everything you need for organic tree and plant health care. This product has been approved for use on all trees, shrubs, fruits, berries, vegetables, flowers, bulbs, container gardens & indoor plants. Our Start Plant Food is non-toxic and chemical free.

New Plantings:
We recommend wearing gardening gloves when feeding your plants.

Vegetable and Flower 
Mix 4 lbs. (12 cups) of Elements Starter Plant Food per 100 square feet into the top 4 to 6 inches of soil.

Place 1 tsp. In the hole prior to planting. 

Potting Mixes:
When preparing soil for new plants, mix 1 cup of elements Starter plant food per cubic foot of soil (0.75 tbsp. per quart)

Our trees are grown specifically with you in mind. Your success is our ambition. We offer this remarkable guarantee to give you the confidence that we fully stand behind our trees and services. When you buy a Bower & Branch tree, you are buying the best tree available, grown with no shortcuts that might risk your success.

Bower & Branch requires 3 simple steps to activate the 3-Year Tree Guarantee. Bower & Branch has been guaranteeing our trees for years and we have learned that tree failure at home is caused by a small number of important events that we can easily overcome with proper efforts in planting, fertilizing and watering. Should any Bower & Branch tree fail for any reason, Bower & Branch will provide a gift card for the amount of the cost of the tree that can be used online towards the purchase of another Bower & Branch tree. Click here for more information about the 3 steps.

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Elements® Starter Plant Food - Granular Product
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