"Peace of Mind" - Spathiphyllum

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Spathiphyllum, much more commonly known as the peace lily, is considered by many to be the perfect houseplant. It’s incredibly versatile and it can suit any space, whether in a small apartment or in a large sunroom. It has full foliage with large white blooms that more closely resemble modified leaves. Better yet, it always lets you know when it’s thirsty—when the leaves droop, give it a drink and they’ll perk right back up!

    • Part of our Living Indoor Gifts Collection
    • Makes a perfect focal point in any room
    • Average plant size is 30” L x 30” W x 35” H (size includes pot)
    • Water once a week or when leaves start to droop
    • Enjoys a medium amount of indirect light
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"Peace of Mind" - Spathiphyllum Product
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