DIY Lavender Garden Kit
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What's better than the uplifting scent of lavender? Your very own DIY lavender kit! This kit includes everything you (or someone special) will need to create a charming lavender garden—complete with soil and tin planter. Just add water and let the fun begin!

  • Kit includes tin planter, lid, two packets of compressed soil, three starter lavender plants, and instructions
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Care/Planting Instructions: 

  • Carefully unbox your kit. Each kit contains a tin planter, two packets of compressed soil, and three potted lavender plants.
  • Open both packets of soil. Break the soil apart into the planter. More than enough expandable soil is provided.
  • Mix well with water until soil is evenly moist. There should be no dry pockets of soil left.  
  • Plant lavender, evenly spaced. Gently pack soil around plants.
  • The soil in your lavender kit retains moisture exceptionally well, so you should only water your lavender when the soil is mostly dry (but not completely dry).
  •  Lavender can be grown indoors by providing a large amount of natural light for several months. Prune back regularly from time to time.
  •  Plant your lavender in your garden by early fall or the following spring. Plant in full sun, avoiding wet soil.

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