"Show-Off" Hosta Collection Product
"Show-Off" Hosta Collection
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Our Show-Off Collection is exactly as it sounds: six unique hosta varieties that really know how to strut their stuff! Their shapely, multi-hued leaves make a statement in the landscape with funky foliage and cool colors, and they'll have passersby stopping to take a second look. Check out our other collections: Larger Than Life, Tried & True, and Starter!

  • Assortment of 6, Size AAA
  • Featured varieties: Captain Kirk, Fire Island, Praying Hands, Dancing Queen, Brother Stefan, Abiqua Drinking Gourd, June, Touch of Class
  • Easy to grow
  • Plant under trees and tall shrubs to reduce trimming and prevent weeds
  • Enjoy shade with some morning sun
  • Keep soil slightly moist at all times
  • Fertilize once in spring and once in summer
Shipping Spring of 2020

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"Show-Off" Hosta Collection Product