Canna Lily

Try a Canna Lily in your patio containers! You’ll love their flowers, and you’ll love their foliage just as much. It lasts almost all season long, giving the landscape a tropical and exotic appearance long after the lilies’ beautiful blooms have faded.


Canna ‘Red Velvet’

Fiery! Red Velvet illuminates landscapes and patios alike with its vibrant red blooms. But it’s not all about the blooms—you’ll surely love its purple-tinted foliage, which is splashed with hues of copper and green and will last all season long. As a bonus, hummingbirds can’t resist canna! You might also love our Orange Chocolate Canna Lily!

  • Great in patio containers
  • Enjoys four to six hours of sunlight every day
  • Keep soil slightly moist at all times
  • Fertilize once a month
  • Plant in the ground at the end of the season



Canna ‘Orange Chocolate’

Orange Chocolate looks good enough to eat! As the name implies, this beauty has colorful orange blooms and chocolate-colored foliage that lasts all season long. Orange Chocolate grows quite tall, standing out in beds where a vertical element is needed. Additionally, they’ll lure hummingbirds to your garden, and you’ll enjoy watching them flit from flower to flower. Check out our Red Velvet Canna Lily, too!

  • Great in patio containers
  • Enjoys four to six hours of sunlight every day
  • Keep soil slightly moist at all times
  • Fertilize once a month
  • Plant in the ground at the end of the season


Canna Care & Culture:

  1. Full sun and heat, space plants 18-24″ apart, they will grow well in partial sun but flower display will not be as strong and bold foliage colors will be subdued.
  2. Grow well in average soil and best in consistently moist soil, they like soils high in organic material.
  3. Perennial hardy to zone 7 if mulched over winter.
  4. Average height of standard varieties is 4-6′.
  5. Easy to over winter out of the ground in cold storage area (needs to remain above freezing).
  6. Fall storage notes (for zone 7 or colder).
    1. Dig after hard frost.
    2. Shake or wash soil of tuber.
    3. Cut off tops at soil line.
    4. Store in garage or other location out of rain and sun for 2-3 weeks.
    5. Using nursery pot, line bottom with newspaper and then put in a layer of tubers, then another layer of newspaper then tubers ect.
    6. Keep tubers from freezing but store as cool as possible.
    7. Check for rot periodically, if any found cut out the bad areas.
    8. Re-plant in spring after frost danger is past (plant 4″ deep).

Why We Love Canna Lilies

They’re exotic, they’re colorful, they’re versatile…really, what don’t we love about canna lilies? In addition to adding a magically tropical vibe to patios and flower beds, canna lilies are quite low-maintenance (provided you give them enough sun and water, of course). You can almost just plant them and forget about them—but you certainly won’t want to.

Planting Ideas

Certainly, canna lilies are beautiful enough in a pot all by themselves. Why not showcase those splendorous blooms for all to see by placing a few around your pool, patio, or outdoor entertaining area? It’s an effortless way to add some festive color to any space! Although they relish attention, canna lilies also play nicely with other flowers—equally bold blooms only further complement their vibrancy. This makes them extremely versatile in flower beds, surrounded by Spirits with similarly colored blossoms.

Caring For Canna Lilies

Canna lilies are tropical, so they flourish in heat and need all-day sun. This promotes bright and strong growth while imitating their natural environment. They also prefer moist and well-mulched soil—as it is accustomed to tropical climates—so you’ll want to water them frequently. Although they do best in zones 7 through 10, you can leave them outside in areas where winter temperatures do not drop below 20ºF. If your winters are a little harsher, simply dig up your canna lilies’ roots after the first frost, store them somewhere cool and humid, and then replant them in the spring to enjoy new growth.

When to fertilize?

Fertilize monthly to keep the tropical blooms coming!


As you would expect of a Queen, Cleopatra Canna Lily has a mind of her own. Her romantic charm emerges in the spring with luscious multi-colored flowers and boastful foliage that will keep your garden looking exotic all season long.

Care tips

This Canna Lily is quite a thirsty plant, eagerly absorbing any and all water given. Place Cleopatra in areas full of sun and space to properly display her alluring flowers.

Design Use / Indoor vs Outdoor / Container Gardening / Garden Bed

Canna lilies’ best look is in a container garden as the vertical center point or in a flower bed as the backdrop to lower flowering annuals.

Why we love it?

The Cleopatra Canna Lily, with its seductive golden-yellow flowers speckled with bright red and its bold two-toned foliage, is a stunning addition to any garden. As an added bonus, It’s super low-maintenance. You can almost just plant them and then forget about them.(but you certainly won’t want to!)

Flower Time?

Cleopatra Canna Lily will rebloom through the season when given proper care.

Planting Time?

Cannas are bulbs that need to be planted in the spring to flourish through the season, to then be dug up for safe storage in winter.