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Trees are to be registered online within 7 days of being picked up, delivered or planted and all required information must be provided at that time for the guarantee to take effect. Please save your Tree Tags and Receipt, these will be required for fulfilling any future guarantee requests.

For the 3 year period of your guarantee, Bower & Branch will provide monthly Care Encouragement Growing Tips to our customers. These growing tips are provided through email no more than once per month. Please provide us with your email below to begin to receive these valuable growing tips. Bower & Branch is fully committed to your successful Tree experience.

Please register every Bower & Branch Tree you have purchased.

Bower & Branch does not sell or release email addresses or mailing addresses to any others. You will automatically be added to our annual mailing list and begin to receive our useful and inspiring Trees for Life Catalog each January.

For additional advice or recommendations, please contact Bower & Branch Growers directly at

Thanks for Planting!

The Bower & Branch Grow Team

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