Shipping Info

We ship your trees for free on the date of your choosing fresh from the nursery to the certified garden center of your choice. Whether your tree selection is made at the garden center or directly through, your tree will arrive at the garden center when you want.

You have the option to arrange pickup at the garden center, having your tree delivered, or having your tree planted by a certified garden center. Only professionals are certified to deliver or install Bower & Branch trees and will follow our Best Planting Guidelines to ensure your success.

Delivery is restricted to curbside only or driveway only. When special needs are desired, our garden centers will address these directly with you. With every order you will be contacted by your selected garden center to make final arrangements for pickup, delivery or installation.

Every brand member offers varying levels of services and differing costs depending on the size of the tree and other special needs you may have. You can trust our certified professionals to perform all services to expectation and in alignment with Bower & Branch requirements.

Step 1: Make your tree selection

Step 2: Choose a garden center and service selections

Step 3: Place your order online

Step 4: We will deliver your tree to the garden center free of charge when you choose! Are you ordering during winter? No problem, we’ll hold your tree(s) and ship them during spring.

Step 5: We will contact you via email when your tree has been delivered and is ready for pickup.

Step 6: The garden center will contact you once your tree is delivered to set a desirable time for pickup, delivery and/or planting depending on what services you have purchased.

Step 7: Register your tree within 7 days of planting on to activate warranty.

Step 8: We will provide tree care prompts for the following 3 years to ensure your success and satisfaction.

Step 9: Enjoy your tree for a lifetime!