Beautiful Azalea Shrub



Some shrubs bring festivity to your garden with vibrant red, orange, yellow, and burgundy foliage while making the perfect accents. Others can be used to make a hedge that blocks out sound and provides privacy. The sky’s the limit!

Pink Heather Heath Shrub


Take it Home Size AA, 10 – 12 in. wide

Believe it or not, Mediterranean Pink Winter Heath blooms during winter! It blooms for a long, long time, too—in the right conditions, it can provide flower power from November clear through April! There’s no easier way to add some color to your gardens during the coldest months of the year.

Blue Star Juniper


Take it Home Size AA, 10 – 12 in. wide

Blue Star Juniper is a dapper little Accent that’s perfect for the landscape beds near your patio, front door, foundation, pool, or any of the formal areas around your home needing a spark of color. With its steely blue evergreen foliage and neat rounded shape, this nifty conifer will give you four seasons of interest while requiring hardly any maintenance.

Japanese Andromeda Shrub


Take it Home Size AA, 12 – 15 in. tall

Japanese Andromeda is a refined Accent that’s perfectly suited for your foundation beds, entryway garden, patio plantings, or any of the more formal areas surrounding your home. Its neat, glossy foliage adds color in the depths of winter and spring brings its beautiful bell-shaped blooms.

Golden Lights Azalea


Take it Home Size AA, 12 – 15 in. wide

Golden Lights is a particularly luminous azalea. In spring, its, gorgeous golden-yellow blossoms radiate pure sunshine. As a bonus, the blooms give off a fresh, sweet scent. Whether you live in a mild climate or one where winter temperatures drop to -30ºF, you can have success with this plant!

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