Drift Roses


Drift Roses

Roses, unlike any rose! Drift® Roses are a hybrid between shrub roses and the infamous Knock Rose. Combining the wonders of perfectly petite with a revolutionary hardiness. A bold, stunning display for every size garden, or fill patio containers and paint your landscape in vivid pinks, pearly whites, corals, and apricot colors. These compact rebloomers are the gift that keeps on giving, wake up, and smell the Drift® Roses!

Why We Love Drift® Roses

They’re compact, they’re pint sized, and they are self-cleaning. You can’t get much better than that! Plant these petite roses all over and you’re done! No need to worry about deadheading or overgrown rose bushes ever again.

Planting Ideas

Drift® Roses are great additions to any landscape that could use a pop of color and a lovely fragrance. Patio containers, garden beds, lining entry and walkways, or create a full-blown rose garden, the options for these cuties are endless! The best part is that you will be able to enjoy these fairytale flowers from summer all the way through fall AND Drift® Roses are hardy and disease-resistant. What a great combination!

Caring For Drift® Roses

Drift® Roses love to soak in the sun and thrive best in areas where they can soak up the warm rays for at least 6 hours a day. To keep the roots of these roses happy and healthy, it is recommended to add a light layer of mulch to keep in moisture so there is no drying out. These easy-keepers enjoy regular waterings however they should be in an area with good drainage so they do not become too saturated. If planting in a container, choose a container that has proper drainage holes to keep these roses happy. To really feed their growth, quality fertilizer will encourage healthy and continual growth.

When to fertilize?

Fertilize after the first set of blooms are complete. To ensure that the roots do not get burnt, moisten the soil before laying fertilizer. Be sure to avoid fertilizing in late summer, the roses are preparing themselves to go into upcoming dormancy.

Flower Time?

Blooms will appear from summer all the way through fall.

Planting Time?

Drift Roses are very versatile and hardy allowing flexible planting. There is not a bad time to get out and plant a Drift Rose!

Care & Culture:

  • – Full sun, space plants 24-36″ apart, they will grow well as a groundcover and will fill in the gaps in no time at all.
  • – Grow well in average soil and best in well-draining, moist, neutral soil.
  • – Perennial hardy in zones 4-7.
  • – Average height and width is 1.5′ tall, 2.5’ wide.
  • – Easy to care for over winter in the ground, just add 2-3” of mulch around the base.
  • – In a container, bring inside to a cool/dry place after the first few frosts of the year; keep inside until the last frost has passed.
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