Spirits for Life

Color, texture, and fragrance.

Many would say a garden without Spirits isn’t complete. These beloved perennial plants perfectly accompany Trees and Shrubs. They bring color, texture, and fragrance to the ground level and, when planted in groups, they give a unifying look to the landscape. Spirits can do all of this and much more. What else can they do? Well, it depends on where your spirit leads you…

What are Spirits?

This is our dynamic collection of perennials. Many perennials, of course, are best known for their blossoms, which appear at different times of the year. As each bloomer takes its turn in the spotlight, it captures the spirit of the season. For example, Creeping Phlox celebrates the arrival of spring with Easter-basket colors, Shasta Daisy ushers in sweet summer days with fresh white faces, and Neon Stonecrop announces that autumn is just around the corner with its hot pink petals.

Neon Stonecrop (left) and Snowcap Shasta Daisy (right)

When not in bloom, many Spirits offer handsome foliage to beautify your garden. Leaves can be as stunning as flowers, and, in some cases, these too may celebrate the seasons by changing color during the year.

Unlike annuals, which must be replanted every year, Spirits are hardy to cold weather—when properly cared for, they’ll come back year after year. In most cases, they’ll get bigger and better each year. If they start to get crowded, you can often divide them and start a new patch elsewhere or give extras away to friends!

Not all Spirits merely endure winter underground and out of sight, either. Some have evergreen foliage that brings cheer during the cold months. Others display festive seedheads that feed hungry songbirds. Dried seedheads can also serve as platforms for collecting snow, which make for lovely sculptural effects in the garden.

Where do you want to go?

Close your eyes and imagine you’re in the south of France. Feel the warm sun on your face and inhale the scent of Lavender. With Spirits, you can recreate this sensation any time you like! Plant drifts of Lavender in a dry and sunny bed along with other fragrant Mediterranean plants like Thyme and Calamint. Would you rather turn your outdoor living area into a lush retreat with a tropical feel? Choose Spirits like Hardy Hibiscus, Sun King Aralia, and Lucifer Montbretia to give a bold, luxurious impression.

Lucifer Montbretia (left) and Fireball™ Hardy Hibiscus (right)

You can use Spirits to create any mood you like in the outdoor spaces where you relax and entertain. Make a soothing, contemplative garden with Ferns, a water feature, and a quiet place to sit. Project a sleek, modern vibe with bright Coral Bells in a limited color range and interesting textural plants like Arkansas Bluestar. Turn a tiny front yard into a welcoming, homey cottage garden with cherished favorites like Phlox, Black-Eyed Susan, and Daylilies. Unleash your creative spirit!

Create an oasis for wildlife

Every day, we hear more bad news about how our environment is under attack. Instead of feeling helpless about it, you can do something powerful—plant wildlife-friendly Spirits! Support our struggling monarch butterflies with Milkweed, the only plant their caterpillars can feed on. Help our bees and other important pollinators get the fuel they need by growing profuse bloomers such as Russian Sage, Bluebeard, and Anise Hyssop. Give songbirds their own personal feeding stations with seed-producing plants like Coneflower and Ironweed. Even if you live in the city, your garden can serve as a valuable oasis to wildlife. Go beyond beautiful decoration and make a positive impact in the world!

Spirits for every site

There are Spirits to suit whatever conditions you have. There are Spirits for blazing sun, deepest shade, and everything in between. There are Spirits that thrive in dry soil, those that prefer soggy ground, and some that tolerate occasional flooding, like you’d get in a rain garden. Whatever your vision, you can find the Spirits to make it come to life. How will the Spirit move you?