Baby Blue Eyes Colorado Spruce Tree
Baby Blue Eyes Colorado Spruce Leaf
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Baby Blue Eyes Colorado Spruce Tree
Baby Blue Eyes Colorado Spruce Leaf

Growth Facts

Baby Blue Eyes Colorado Spruce

Picea pungens 'Baby Blue Eyes'

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Oh, baby—what a cutie! Reaching only about half the size of the typical Colorado Blue Spruce, Baby Blue Eyes is easy to tuck into your landscape. Except for its size, it shares all of the qualities of its big brothers—a tidy pyramidal habit, beautiful blue color, evergreen needles, and an easygoing nature. You’ll never have to prune it or rake up its leaves. Showcase Baby Blue Eyes in your front yard, where it will slowly but steadily become a prime focal point while never overwhelming the landscape. Choice.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Blue Spruce is a native tree that you’re likely to see from the ski lift on a trip to the Rocky Mountains. Known popularly as “Colorado” Blue Spruce, it can also be found from the forests of Wyoming all the way down to the cooler regions of New Mexico. In the wild, it typically becomes a tall, narrow pyramid of prickly green needles, but this selection is a petite true-blue beauty. Baby Blue Eyes was discovered as a seedling in an Oregon nursery in 1972. When the owner patented it many years later, the tree was 21 years old and only ten feet tall.

The Details

Don’t get Baby Blue Eyes confused with Baby Blue. Baby Blue is a seedling strain of Blue Spruce with good blue foliage, but these seedlings are all a bit different in color, and they eventually reach full size. The selection we offer here is Baby Blue Eyes, a variety that is a consistently beautiful shade of blue and which stays much more compact than the typical Colorado Spruce.

How to Grow

Baby Blue Eyes Colorado Spruce is easy to grow and care for in much of the U.S. (though it struggles in the hot, humid Deep South). Full sun is a prerequisite, and drainage must be excellent. Think of its cool, dry Rocky Mountain homeland. As you can imagine, heavy snows and frigid winter temperatures are no problem for this super-hardy tree, and it has no serious pest or disease issues, either.

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Baby Blue Eyes Colorado Spruce Tree
Baby Blue Eyes Colorado Spruce Leaf