Blake's Pride European Pear Tree
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Blake's Pride European Pear Tree
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Growth Facts

Blake's Pride European Pear

Pyrus communis 'Blake's Pride'
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Sweet and Buttery! Bite into a deliciously crisp and juicy Blakes Pride European Pear that just melts in your mouth! Wake up to the aromatic smells in your backyard with glossy yellow, russet hues coloring your landscape. These pears store well for canning, perfect for a cobbler pie or crisp, and try out making your own pear butter! Grow luscious fruits at home with this easy disease-resistant pear tree! Feast your eyes on Blakes Pride European Pear, and enjoy summers together growing with your family.


Growth Facts

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The Story

Blakes Pride was named after Dr. Roland Blake, who participated in the USDA pear breeding program at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center from 1967 to 1984.

The Details

Blake's Pride is blight-resistant and they don't mind the heat either! "Pears" well with Bartlett, Harrow Delight, and Warren for pollinating. Make sure to harvest in early September with a basket full of goodness!

How to Grow

Plant your Blakes Pride European Pear Tree where it can bask in all-day sun and enjoy moderately rich, well-drained soil at its feet. Avoid low-lying areas, where late frosts can zap the early spring blossoms. You’ll need to have another variety of Pear nearby to pollinate the blooms and enable good fruit set. Irrigate using the Elements™ Watering System and feed your tree with Elements™ Fertilizer to ensure that it gets the right amount of moisture and nutrients when it needs them. Proper maintenance is critical in growing Pears to ensure a healthy harvest!

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Blake's Pride European Pear Tree