Valley Forge American Elm Tree
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Valley Forge American Elm Tree
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Growth Facts

Valley Forge American Elm

Ulmus americana 'Valley Forge'
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Big, beautiful, and hardy! Valley Forge American Elm is best known as the most disease resistant of all other Elms. The strong traditional Elm look makes a commanding presence in your landscape, growing to heights of 60 to 80 feet tall, and can live up to 300 years - A lifetime of wonderful memories! This handsome tree serves as a host for many butterflies as the caterpillars snack on the foliage. Many of our beloved birds like Wood Warblers, Finches, Cardinals, and Nuthatches enjoy both its seeds and leaf buds, as we get to enjoy their songs and colors right in the backyard. Bask under the oversized leaves, or have a fourth of July picnic beneath the arching architecture. Valley Forge American Elm is a staple, adding resilience and prosperity to all gardens.

Growth Facts

The Story

Grand old American Elms once lined our streets, their lofty, arching canopies meeting overhead and casting cooling shade below. In the 1930s, an accidentally imported disease began killing these gentle giants. By the 1950s and ’60s, millions of trees had died. But not all! Contrary to what many people believe, some American Elms were able to survive. The two largest survivors live in Baltimore, Maryland, and Chesapeake, Virginia. The Maryland tree is 112 feet tall and 84 feet wide; the Virginia specimen is 110 feet by 116 feet. Both have trunks that are more than six feet in diameter.

The Details

Valley Forge American Elm is the ultimate shade tree, with a story of resilience and prosperity!

How to Grow

Give your Valley Forge American Elm a position in full sun in deep, fertile, well-drained soil. Water regularly and mulch with wood chips or bark to keep the rootzone cool and moist. This is not a fussy tree, and it will grow in less-than-ideal conditions, but because of the continued threat of Dutch Elm disease, it should not be subjected to any unnecessary stresses. Your tree may be resistant to the disease, but it may not be immune. In good conditions, Valley Forge American Elm is a fast-growing tree, and it will get right to work creating choice bird habitat and cooling shade.

Size Guide

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8-10' tall, grown and delivered in a container. This Elm is BIG! Two strong people we be needed to move into a truck or trailer to haul home.

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Valley Forge American Elm Tree