Audubon® Eastern White Pine Tree
Audubon® Eastern White Pine Additional Product Shot 2323
Audubon® Eastern White Pine Additional Product Shot 3080
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Audubon® Eastern White Pine Tree
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Audubon® Eastern White Pine Additional Product Shot 2323
Audubon® Eastern White Pine Additional Product Shot 3080

Growth Facts

Audubon® Eastern White Pine

Pinus strobus
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The majestic Eastern White Pine is a large, fast-growing tree for spacious properties that makes one of the quickest and prettiest evergreen privacy screens you can buy. Let this wonderful native Pine’s fluffy clouds of soft, blue-green foliage absorb traffic noise and headlight glare, while filling your yard with the fresh, calming fragrance of Pine needles and the relaxing “whisper” of the wind through Pine trees. White Pines also provide food and shelter for countless species of birds and other wildlife. And to top it all off, unlike many fast-growing trees, White Pine is remarkably long-lived, so this legacy tree will not only please your household, but will enrich the lives of several generations to come.

Take Birds Under Your Wing

New! Introducing our bird-friendly collection of Audubon® Native Plants & Trees

  • Better for Birds, 100% Neonic-Free
  • Not Available in non-native regions, states or counties (see Native Regions map)

Bower & Branch is proud to grow Audubon® Native Plants for Birds in partnership with the National Audubon Society to help birds and other wildlife thrive.

  • The National Audubon Society protects birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow
  • This bird-friendly native plant provides food and shelter for local and migrating birds and other wildlife
  • Your purchase and planting of this native flora directly supports Audubon’s conservation mission and impact
  • Learn how you can help birds in your home and community through Audubon’s Plants for Birds program
  • Audubon Native Plants & Trees are free of neonicotinoids and exclusively grown by Bower & Branch

Audubon® is a licensed and registered trademark of the National Audubon Society. All rights reserved.

  • Size AA (2-3' tall) container grown
  • Size A (3-4' tall) container grown 

Growth Facts

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The Story

Massive (200-foot) White Pines once covered the Northeast, but the usefulness of their wood brought about the near-total demise of these giants. Their long trunks (“boles”) were much in demand for sailing ship masts (and the British harvest of them hotly contested in the period leading up to the Revolutionary War). White Pines still thrive in the East, but today they serve peaceful purposes. The wood is used in framing houses and for paper pulp; young trees are grown for Christmas trees. And “pine tar” is the stuff still used famously by baseball players!

The Details

If you're looking for a fast growing evergreen, then look no further! The foliage consists of long, thin needles light green in color with a slightly bluish cast. Eastern White Pines produce light brown cones that mature in late summer. An ideal specimen tree for large areas.

How to Grow

Eastern White Pine prefers a cool-summer climate, like that found in its native haunts in New England, the Great Lakes States, and high elevations in the South. It’s easy to transplant, and makes a fast growing tree in youth, slowing down in old age. Each year’s new flush of growth radiates from around the same point on the trunk, creating a tiered effect. Lower tiers can be removed to create an open space underneath, or left in place to make for an easy—though rather sticky—climbing tree.

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Audubon® Eastern White Pine Tree
Audubon® Eastern White Pine Additional Product Shot 2323
Audubon® Eastern White Pine Additional Product Shot 3080