Audubon® Copper Iris Tree
Audubon® Copper Iris Additional Product Shot 2295
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Audubon® Copper Iris Tree
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Audubon® Copper Iris Additional Product Shot 2295
Audubon® Copper Iris Additional Product Shot 2446

Growth Facts

Audubon® Copper Iris

Iris fulva
Shipping Spring of 2022
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Not one to follow the crowd? Copper Iris isn’t, either. This intriguing Spirit offers a decidedly different color in wildflowers. When spring slips into summer, it hoists its odd but beautiful brick-red to rusty orange flowers in the air. They’re unlike anything you’ve seen! When they bloom, Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds will soon be over to compliment you on your purchase. They love to sip the sweet nectar of Copper Iris, and warring factions will fight over them. Ideal in a rain garden or at the edge of a pond or other water feature, but suitable for irrigated beds and borders as well.

May Benefit & Attract: Hummingbirds

Take Birds Under Your Wing

New! Introducing our bird-friendly collection of Audubon® Native Plants & Trees

  • Better for Birds, 100% Neonic-Free
  • Not Available in non-native regions, states or counties (see Native Regions map)

Bower & Branch is proud to grow Audubon® Native Plants for Birds in partnership with the National Audubon Society to help birds and other wildlife thrive.

  • The National Audubon Society protects birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow
  • This bird-friendly native plant provides food and shelter for local and migrating birds and other wildlife
  • Your purchase and planting of this native flora directly supports Audubon’s conservation mission and impact
  • Learn how you can help birds in your home and community through Audubon’s Plants for Birds program
  • Audubon Native Plants & Trees are free of neonicotinoids and exclusively grown by Bower & Branch

Audubon® is a licensed and registered trademark of the National Audubon Society. All rights reserved.

Growth Facts

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The Story

A water- and heat-loving Spirit, Copper Iris has established itself most extensively in Louisiana, in the Mississippi River Valley. Its natural range then stretches up the Mississippi as far as southern Illinois, wherever it can find constantly moist soil. It will grow in up to six inches of standing water. Copper Iris is one of five species used in the breeding of the popular “Louisiana” Irises. These gorgeous Irises come in a rainbow of colors. Copper Iris adds the genes for its special orange-red color to the mix.

The Details

Although it’s primarily a plant of the Deep South, Copper Iris is surprisingly hardy, and it can survive winter temperatures to 20 below zero, at least. It can be grown as far north as southern Minnesota.

How to Grow

It should be clear by now that Copper Iris flourishes in wet soil! Plant it on the banks of a pond or stream for the biggest, most bountiful specimens. In a manmade water feature, it may be kept in a pot and positioned no more than six inches under the water’s surface. You can also grow Copper Iris in a regular garden border as long as it is irrigated during dry spells. Full sun is best. Plants may be divided in late summer, when they may go through a brief dormancy period. Growth resumes in fall.

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Audubon® Copper Iris Tree
Audubon® Copper Iris Additional Product Shot 2295
Audubon® Copper Iris Additional Product Shot 2446