Lakemont Seedless Grape Tree

Growth Facts

Lakemont Seedless Grape

Vitis vinifera 'Lakemont'
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Imagine a lovely canopy over an arbor or having cascading grapes as you stand beneath a walkway! This tight curly queued vine will add old charm to your garden this summer, gracefully transforming from deep green to vibrant yellow, then bronzey hues by fall! A visual effect you won't want to miss - and we haven't even gotten to the grapes yet! Have you ever tried making raisins? Now is the time! Lakemont Seedless Grapes, with their sweet and tangy flavor, are known to be a staple for raisin making! Mounds of plump juicy green grapes decorate the vines for your heart's desire to enjoy for the end of summer days. Finding a pollinator will help with producing more fruit, but if you have a smaller garden, this is perfect as Lakemont Grapes are self-pollinating!

Growth Facts

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The Story

Grapes, prized for their fruit, surprisingly have ornamental value in the home garden. If not just growing for the fruits, interest can be held with the flowers and foliage that springs up and around the delectable edibles. Summer and fall foliage can be bold and colorful, while the winter shows off the twisting, turning trunks and branches that spread out to hold grapes year after year. Take the time to notice the beauty in a grape plant the next time you pass under an arbor, trellis or wall, and enjoy the visual appeal along with the edible appeal that grapes are commonly known for.

The Details

Small and sweet, Lakemont Seedless Grape is the grape that you are missing in your landscape. This white grape is not only hardy, but the grapes it produces are very sweet. The best part? Lakemont is self-pollinating, so if you have a smaller garden, you will not need to plant more than one Lakemont.

Height: 3-9 ft
Width: 3-9 ft
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Green
Zone: 6-9
Other: Hardy grape

How to Grow

Lakemont will thrive in soil that is rich in humus, loamy, well-draining with average moisture levels. This grape can tolerate various types of garden soils as long as the soil has good drainage. When planting, you will want to make sure that Lakemont is not located in a frost pocket or an area that is unprotected from damaging winter winds. This self-pollinating variety can handle harsh weather if located in the Eastern to the Midwestern US. Lakemont will need special care in terms of training on a trellis, regular pruning sessions, and regular spraying sessions to achieve the highest yields possible.

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Lakemont Seedless Grape Tree