Sparkle Strawberry Tree

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Sparkle Strawberry

Fragaria ananassa 'Sparkle'
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These berries will shine brighter than the stars in the night sky when ripe! Known for their bright shining gloss and outstanding flavor, Sparkle Strawberry will be a show stopper in your landscape. An easy plant to grow, berries will start to pop up in mid to late June, where you can pick fresh and snack as you tend to the other plants in your landscape. Sparkle Strawberries are healthy producers, and what berries make it into the house can be frozen or turned into preserves to enjoy in many other ways.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Strawberries are fascinating fruits because they are technically not actual berries and are members of the rose family. That's right; strawberries are a member of the rose family due to their sweet fragrance, similar to the lovely fragrance that roses give off. In terms of berries, true berries hold their seeds on the interior of their being. Strawberries are the opposite, proudly displaying their green-yellow seeds on the outside. Some botanists consider that each seed on a strawberry is its own separate fruit, talk about receiving a lot in a small package!

The Details

A beginning-friendly berry, Sparkle strawberry, is going to shine up your strawberry beds. The vigorous growth of Sparkle will help to fill in empty spaces in your garden, all while producing high-quality berries that ripen in June. To ensure that you reap healthy, medium-sized berries, keep your garden beds on the thinner side; beds thick with strawberry plants will inhibit proper berry growth. Sparkle berries are ideal choices for freezing and turning into jams due to their exquisite flavor and high quality, or eat them fresh and enjoy a fresh summer snack!

Height: 0.5 - 1 ft
Width: 0.75 - 1.5 ft
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Green
Zone: 3-8

How to Grow

Strawberries thrive best in soil rich in organic material, fertile, and well-draining but average in moisture. Keeping the soil moist is key to ensuring that the berry harvest is plentiful and full of plump berries. Don't hide them from the sun; strawberries enjoy uninterrupted sun on their faces. Sparkle is self-pollinating, allowing you to plant as little or as many as you would desire.

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Sparkle Strawberry Tree