Buckeye® Gala Apple Tree
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Buckeye® Gala Apple Tree
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Buckeye® Gala Apple

Malus domestica 'Buckeye Gala' PP10,840
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Even though it’s often stored for months and then shipped halfway around the world before ever reaching the produce aisle, Gala is one of America’s favorite apples. So just imagine what a ripe, juicy, FRESH Gala apple will taste like when you pick it off your own tree! After you’ve grown your own Galas, you may not be able to go back to supermarket apples again. This sweet, fragrant apple is tops for packing in a lunch box, and it also cooks down into a delectable applesauce, making it a little easier for even the pickiest eaters of the family to get their “apple a day.”

Growth Facts

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Buckeye® Gala Apple Tree