Enterprise® Apple Tree
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Enterprise® Apple Tree
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Growth Facts

Enterprise® Apple

Malus domestica 'Enterprise'
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The modern apple revolutionizing disease-resistant fruit trees! Fairly new to the harvest, but paving its way as a vigorous tree, not letting anything get to its prized apples! Enterprise Apple trees yield tart red apples in October, just in time for the perfect cider making and pie baking throughout the holiday season! Start your own mini orchard right in your backyard for the entire family to enjoy a crisp bite right off the tree! With many pollinating suitors to choose from, like Gala and Cortland, this low maintenance tree will hold cherished memories and delicious new traditions! Living appley ever after.

  • Size AA (4' tall) bareroot, (Pre-Order Now, Shipping Spring 2022)

Growth Facts

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The Story

The “pri” in Enterprise actually stands for Purdue, Rutgers, and Illinois as they are the three who made the collaborative effort in developing this variety of apple. In 1982 the first Enterprise seedling was planted, and by 1993 it grew so much in popularity it became commercially grown.

The Details

Enterprise Apple trees pollinating with other apple trees in flowering group 4, even a White-blossom Crabapple will pollinate well with Enterprise.

How to Grow

The Enterprise® Apple Tree flourishes in climates with long, sunny, warm growing seasons. The harvest continues very late in the year, after other apples have been picked. Enterprise® is not self-fertile, which means that it will not fruit without another Apple Tree in the vicinity, but another suitable Apple or Crabapple Tree nearby during flowering will certainly boost production. Plant this tree in a well-drained, sunny site with good air circulation.

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Enterprise® Apple Tree