Gibson Yellow Delicious Apple Tree
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Gibson Yellow Delicious Apple Tree
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Gibson Yellow Delicious Apple

Malus domestica 'Gibson Yellow Delicious'
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If you're a fan of the classic Yellow Delicious Apple but find yourself turned off by its tendency to russet (re: brown scarring), perhaps it's time to consider the Gibson Yellow Delicious Apple (AKA Smoothee Golden Delicious). This improved Golden Delicious has all the same perks as the regular Golden Delicious - honey-sweet flavor, long shelf-life, and crisp, juicy texture - however, the skin remains smooth and blemish free. The fruits of the Gibson Yellow Delicious check all the 'uses' boxes too: baking, cider, juice, applesauce, drying, canning, and freezing! What CAN'T this Apple do!?

Growth Facts

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Gibson Yellow Delicious Apple Tree