Sweetheart Sweet Cherry Tree

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Sweetheart Sweet Cherry

Prunus avium 'Sweetheart'

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A cherry tree that is sweet on itself! Sweetheart Cherry trees are perfect for the home orchard since they are self-pollination, giving you a bountiful harvest all on its own! Deliciously sweet red cherries ripen late in the summer, turning its final deep red just before their ready to be picked! So resist the urge to eat them until you see the color is just right! A delight in your garden all year from pearly white spring flowers, to cherries that dot the tree like ornaments, to a gorgeous fall display as the foliage gives way to a decorative show of vibrant oranges and reds! Imagine summer hikes with a bag of homegrown sweet cherries, leaving behind a trail of seeds to find your way back. Let this cherry tree be your sweetheart this summer!

Growth Facts

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Sweetheart Sweet Cherry Tree