Toka Japanese Plum Tree
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Toka Japanese Plum Tree
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Toka Japanese Plum

Prunus salicina 'Toka'
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The Toka Japanese Plum is an excellent tree for the first-time fruit tree grower and will give you the satisfaction of having tasty sun-ripened plums right outside your door, without a lot of fuss. The fruits have a deep crimson skin surrounding an amber flesh that has that classic sweet-tart plum flavor. Toka Japanese Plum is partially self-fertile, meaning that it will set fruit on its own, but if there’s another Plum Tree in the vicinity, you’ll get a bumper crop. After you’ve eaten your share of fresh fruit, you’ll be scanning cookbooks for recipes for plum cobbler, plum preserves, plum chutney, and plum dumplings. Mmm... now we’re getting hungry!

Size AA, Bare Root Do Not Ship to AK, CA, CO, HI, ID, OR, PR, WA 

Growth Facts

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Toka Japanese Plum Tree