Clapp's Favorite European Pear Tree
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Clapp's Favorite European Pear Tree
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Clapp's Favorite European Pear

Pyrus communis 'Clapp's Favorite'
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Handsome and hardy! Clapp’s Favorite Pear will quickly become your favorite tree this summer, blanketed in the juiciest pears! A staple in history as a heritage tree since the 1800s, harvesting every August for centuries! The spring flowers battle it out in beauty against the pears as they are just as sweet! Profusions of fragrant pearly blooms blossom in mid-spring for a dazzling display! It will need its best mate, Bosc Pear, to produce the most delicious fruit that will melt in your mouth and make for fun summer days of baking and canning! I guess you could say they make a good pear!

Growth Facts

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Clapp's Favorite European Pear Tree