Jewel Black Raspberry Tree

Growth Facts

Jewel Black Raspberry

Rubus occidentalis 'Jewel'
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Blackberries are the superfood of your backyard! Jewel Black Raspberries are just that - the jewels of berry growing! Considered one the largest black raspberry varieties with a glossy finish! The rich flavor and plump size make it hard to save some for jam making or pie baking! A winter-hardy treat and reliable grower; plant this jewel this spring and eat your weight in berries!

Growth Facts

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The Story

Jewel Black Raspberry was bred by the Cornell Small Fruit breeding program in Geneva, New York. Black raspberries are high in antioxidants that may help with the prevention and curing of cancer. This is due to the anthocyanins compounds, the compound responsible for the black raspberries' dark color. Anthocyanin is found in cancer-treating medications.

The Details

The early bird now gets the Jewel! Jewel Black Raspberry, that is! Jewel is one of the first raspberries to produce fruit, meaning that you’ll get to enjoy the delicious berries sooner. Berries from Jewel are generally large and have a pleasant flavor that most will enjoy eating fresh, using in baked goods, and canning. Like most other raspberries, the blooms from Jewel are white, rose-shaped, and grow in clusters. Jewel is also native to North America.
Height: 4-5 ft
Spread: 3-4 ft
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Green
Zones: 5-8"

How to Grow

Raspberries thrive best in soil with mildly acidic conditions rich in organics, moist, and well-draining. Full sun is best; however, raspberries tolerate part shade; fruit crops may be less plentiful when plants are exposed to shade. Canes that have fruited should be pruned back and removed; new canes will grow back and produce fruit. Suckers may develop roots if not pruned back to prevent further growth. Raspberries are self-fertile and do not require another variety to cross-pollinate.

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Jewel Black Raspberry Tree